Sunday, June 23, 2024

About QTE

Since its inception, QTE has become a house hold name with all of the major players in the telecom industry on the African continent. Through providing outstanding service, innovation and on time delivery, we have encouraged candid collaborations with our clients to ensure that all stakeholders are completely satisfied.

Through our Service Excellence program, we have cultivated and maintained long term business relationships, making us the partner of choice to all our clients. Turnkey service provision to the telecom industry is our niche, which has been witnessed through our works with key players in the local telecom industry. We constantly strive to evolve and fulfil our client’s needs to bring better service to their target market.

We have a vibrant professional team and here at QTE we believe in giving every individual an opportunity to put their expertise to use through encouraging them to take on different challenging responsibilities in their line of work. We believe that without a healthy, motivated, team we wouldn’t be able to deliver to our client expectations.

Fully understanding the risks involved in our work QTE is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all its staff, customers and general public. As part of our health and Safety policy, we identify hazards, assess risks and implement control procedures. Amidst our broad ranging experience and first class reputation with many leading manufacturers of Telecommunications equipment, QTE takes pride in providing top quality products and services through-out our entire portfolio of services.

As a Turnkey provider we offer services ranging from site acquisition, civil work site build, Installation and Commissioning of all Telecoms equipment, site audits on all elements, equipment supply and Maintenance.

Our Civil works offering not only includes the standard Rooftop and Greenfield site builds but also offers unique Operator specific solutions where we can satisfy the most complex requirements on a continent where security of our customers assets is key.

We have an ever evolving team that is focussed on carrying out Installation and commissioning of multi-vendor Base Station Equipment, Transmission Equipment, Power Systems and fibre optic solutions.

Active and Passive equipment Maintenance is what sets us apart from our competitors in proving that we really do offer a full turnkey service to our customers.

We further expand our offering by providing Vender and supplier liaison, product supply, purchasing, clearing and warehousing.

Our IS0 9001/2008 adherent quality management system enables us to guarantee all work delivered in the set timeframe, adding to our compliance with all the local laws, thereby having all the required insurance policies, so whoever deals with us is in safe hands.